Preparing For Your Wedding Readings

The readings for your wedding will depend on the type of wedding you are planning, what type of couple you are, and what reactions you want to surface at that moment. 
For example, if you want more of a serious and heartfelt moment, you may not want to add humor. You may just want to find a reading that is pre-chosen in this instance. You may also want to choose a reading that is already created for a more traditional religious wedding.

Some readings may depend on the ceremony space you choose. If you are having your ceremony at a church, the reading may be planned. Some churches may have a prescribed wedding program for anyone who wants to be married there. In some cases, you may choose from a few passages of scripture to include in certain parts of their wedding.

If you are choosing a particular officiant that understands your style, the reading will be more catered to your liking and personality types.

Classic Readings

Some classic readings are secular readings while others are readings that come from a religious context, but do not mention religious specifically. For this type of reading, you will want to find a reading about love, marriage or friendship. You may even want to choose a reading with different themes because if all readings talk only about love, the ceremony will feel rather ‘love-heavy”.

Funny Readings

For those couples with a lot of humor, there are funny weddings which are popular if you are throwing a non-traditional wedding. Funny wedding readings are not like knock-knock jokes. Often, they are sweet poems that talk about the marriage or love as it really is, without the soppy, romantic language.

Final Note

Overall, I would suggest looking for wedding readings based on literature and poems. An example of a literature piece used for a wedding ceremony is Shakespeare poem. You can then take a popular wedding like this and create a wedding readings book which includes your personal quotes, novel/poem quotes, and religious phrases that may be significant in your life.