1. Choose Your Style


A form-fitting bodice with a natural waistline that flares out dramatically into a very full skirt


Fitted through your natural waist before flaring out softly

Column A

Streamlined silhouette with a slim profile; usually constructed from a more structured material


Features a high seam just under the bust with a skirt that flows to the floor, allowing for plenty of movement

Fit And Flare

Hugs your bust, waist, and hips, then flares out ever-so-slightly for a pretty, romantic look


Reminiscent of midcentury couture, this asymmetrical style is shorter in the front-generally hitting mid-calf-and longer in the back


A sultry, curve-hugging style that’s fitted through the bust, waist, and hips before dramatically flaring out at the knee


Simple, slim silhouette that hugs the body and falls straight to the floor; similar to a column shape but usually made from silkier fabrics that glide over the contours of the body

Tea Length

This shorter hemline, which can fall anywhere between your knees and your ankles


Fitted through the bust, waist, and hips, and flares out in a manner similar to its titular horn, but with a bit more restraint than a mermaid style

2.  Avoid Busy Shopping Times

Shopping during off-hours is a beneficial way to shop when looking for your wedding gown for several reasons. Saturday afternoons are the most popular times to look for a wedding dress, which makes that a day to avoid. The busiest times are the weekends because most families can come together with the bride during those times where not many work.  If you can, try and consider shopping on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning when salons are likely to be less crowded, this way you can be more accommodated to. A calm store means a more personalized experience, and more attention directed on the bride.

3. Stay In Your Budget

Have a price in mind when looking for your wedding dress!! Try not to waste time trying on gowns that are so high in cost, if that is not something in the works of your wedding budget. When initially going in to the dress shop, have an estimated idea on how much you’re willing to spend and be upfront about it when you visit a store. As a side note, the cost of alterations, as well as accessories is still something to add into your wedding dress budget!!