Congratulations on your new engagement! You have officially begun the wedding planning process. The wedding planning process can be very overwhelming. But with the mindset of staying organized and following a regimen of going step by step, many joyful and unforgettable moments will come from the planning of your most special day ever! Things to think about when planning your wedding affair range from breaking down every category of importance, to getting a sense of following essential time frames. Overall, planning a wedding can be a roller coaster ride of emotions. But starting by working together as a couple to brainstorm ideas and to visualize your ideal wedding day is the most crucial start of it all. To put into perspective what you may truly be looking for, follow the guided questions below. 

What Is The Vibe?

• Southern
• Natural
• Vintage
• Romantic
• Whimsical
• Art deco
• Nautical
• Bohemian
• Glamorous
• Modern/Classic
• Retro

What Season?

Start by picking 2 seasons you would be happy with. Your first choice might not be available for your price range and date, so it is good to have a second choice.

• Summer
• Fall
• Winter
• Spring

How Many Guests?

You should decide on an approximate headcount range because the number may fluctuate depending on RSVPs. The highest number in your range is if everyone you invite comes. The lowest number in your range reflects the guests you know will come regardless of other plans (example: 90 – 130 people).

• A more intimate wedding of 75 people
• A rough average wedding of 150 people
• A larger wedding of 200

What Color Combinations?

• Bright and bold
• Whites and Neutral tones
• Black color with an accent color
• Earthy shades
• Jewel Tones
• Soft Pastels
• Citrus colors