Getting Ready

1. Arrival to venue 

2. Details shots & lay flat shots 

3. Rings, perfume, shoes, jewelry, invite/ suite/lay flat

4. PJ shots

5. Something old, new, borrowed, blue, perfume, shoes, jewelry, vow books, rings, invite suite/lay flat

6. Dress

7. Bride in dress with mom

8. Mom zipping dress 

9. Bridesmaids reveal 

10. Bride with veil photos 

11. After bride is dressed: Solo bridal shots of just bride 

12. Bride with veil looking backward

The Family

1. First Look with Dad (no bridesmaids)

2. Groomsmen walking into venue

3. Solo groomsmen shots + Groom and each groomsman 

4. Bride Family Photos outside 

5. Parents alone

6. Bride and parents

7. Brides mom 

8. Brides dad

9. Bridesmaids and flower girl photos outside 

10. Bride with group

11. Bride solo with each person “VIP members” such as close relatives and family members 

12. Bride solo shots per inspo photos

13. Groom family

14. Groom and Mom 

15. Groom and Dad 


1. Officiant to move during first kiss 

2. Shot of bride and groom mid aisle kissing with group behind

3. Bride and Groom with all parents 

4. Bride and Groom with all immediate family

5. Grandparents

Cocktail Hour

1. Shots of food and people interacting in cocktail hour

2. Bridal party surrounding us in half circle looking at camera and smiling

3. Bridal party cheers 

4. Bride and Groom with full bridal party (serious shots, fun shots, Posed shots/formals) 

5. Fun walking shots

6. Bridal party go to Cocktail hour shots

7. Parents go to Cocktail hour shots

8. Bride and Groom (outside view, structural Portraits of photo ops such as décor walls) 

9. Hands with rings 

10. Kissing under veil

11. Formals such as Candids/walking -Walking into venue holding hands

12. In memory table

13. Welcome sign 

14. Empty ceremony space


1. Dais table

2. Cake

3. Centerpieces/bouquets 

4. Signage details

5. Guests in view behind shot of sweetheart table

6. Private dance in main reception room shots

7. Reception shots which include general, speeches, dances

8. Full Bride’s Family Photo in reception room 

9. Full Groom’s Family Photo in reception room