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Iconic Ballrooms That Reflect Your Unique Style

Get the party started in any one of our impressive ballrooms. With space for both large parties and intimate celebrations, you can be sure that our selection of ballrooms are the perfect place to host any event.

Penthouse Room

No expense has been spared in our Penthouse Room, the picture of hand-crafted beauty. The imported marble floors sparkle beneath the glass ceiling, where you and your guests can enjoy natural sunlight or marvel at the night sky. Each detail of our Penthouse Room has been imported from the finest European boutiques, ensuring that your exquisite taste will be well known by each one of your guests.

Dome Room

The Dome Room, our most luxurious and impressive ballroom. Be seated beneath the stars as you enjoy the kinetic lighting shining on each one of your guests. The large dome-shaped ceiling gives you a panoramic view of the sky above. There's no better setting for a night filled with fun and entertainment than the Dome Room.

Skylight Room

If you’re looking for a mix of elegance and excitement, the Skylight Room is your choice. The architecture of our Skylight Room is unlike any you’ve ever seen; with a mix of décor that mirrors your daring, yet classy personality. Be amazed by the flashing kinetic lighting that bounces off the mirrored windowpanes and out through the skylight.

Skylight Terrace Room

Enjoy the grandeur of the Skylight Terrace Room with its interactive infinity-ceiling, crystal chandeliers and luxurious, full-size wrap around bar; a comfortable backdrop for your guests to mix and mingle. The 40-foot glass skylight ceiling, kinetic lighting and glistening décor of our Skylight Terrace Room is a space reflective of your exquisite taste.

Oak Room

Upon entrance through our traditional grand oak doorway, you are enveloped by sophistication in our Oak Room. Hand-crafted décor, custom plasma screen displays and personalized kinetic lighting add a fun, modern twist on this classy setting. The specialized entertainment space in our Oak Room lets your entertainment direct its energy to the dance floor without being in the way of your guests.

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